Louisiana Propane Dealers to Partner with LHSAA

Staff reports

The Louisiana Propane Dealers, through their state Market Develop Fund, have agreed to a partnership package with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association that will allow them to become the exclusive Energy Corporate Sponsor for 2012.  Jessica Bennett, Amerigas state director and President of the Louisiana Propane Gas Association, says the industry is being more aggressive in its marketing efforts and hopes to capitalize on the public’s demand for cleaner, more affordable energy alternatives.

“The propane gas industry is incredibly important to Louisiana’s energy future and Louisiana is vital to America’s energy future.  So it makes good sense for us to partner with an organization that is working with our next generation of energy users.  We think the LHSAA is a perfect fit,” she says.

The partnership package will offer industry representatives the opportunity to play a major role in the up-coming state basketball semi-finals and finals as well as the tennis and track and field finals held later in the school year.  In addition, the package offers a major role in the production of next fall’s New Orleans Saints-LHSAA High School Football Game of the Week, the football playoffs and the finals which are held annually in the Superdome.

“The basketball semifinals and finals will feature 56 schools from virtually every part of the state while more than 300 schools will participate in track and field this year.  This gives us a great opportunity to increase our visibility statewide and deliver the message of propane as a clean, affordable fuel source to a whole new market,” says Bennett.  “Louisiana is the number two producer of propane in America.  You can heat your home with it, drive your car or cook your crawfish with it.  Like these remarkable, young athletes, we all have a great story to tell,” she adds.

Bennett says the industry has or will partner with various other organizations over the next few months including sponsorships for Louisiana Public Broadcasting, LSU football, the New Orleans Hornets and the Zurich Open, to name a few.  The fund also supports a rebate program where consumers can get up to $1200 in rebates on propane appliances.  For more information, visit

All Class I and Class IV propane dealers in the state pay an annual assessment to the Market Development Fund through the LP Gas Commission of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety.  The fund is completely self-generated through the industry assessment--No taxpayer dollars are used.  A nine-member board of industry representatives makes recommendations to the state LP Gas Commission for implementation.  For more information on the fund, contact the Louisiana LP Gas Commission at 225-925-4895.