D’ville Pride: Citywide

Allison B. Hudson

Last Saturday morning, residents and gracious volunteers gathered in Crescent Park to clean the downtown area of Donaldsonville. The Donaldsonville Downtown Development District organizes this effort.

“This is a great effort to help clean the city on a regular basis and get the community involved,” said Executive Director of the DDD, Missy Jandura. “So many businesses and churches get involved and we love the community effort.”

From 8 a.m. to noon, volunteers cleaned the streets of downtown, planted flowers, raked leaves, and even painted some buildings in the downtown area.

After the cleanup, CF Industries donated the food items and Parish Councilman Oliver Joseph cooked jambalaya for all. The band, Unnecessary Volunteers, provided music for all in Crescent Park.

Aside from the cleanup, the blood mobile was in town to get residents to give blood for Donaldsonville resident Janet Capone. Capone was in an accident last month and is in need of blood donors.

Tammy Dale and Stanford Knockum play a vital part in bringing together volunteers in the community to help.

Business owners, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, teachers, students, numerous churches, and elected officials all participated in the cleanup.

“I want to thank everyone who were supportive of this event,” said Dale. “We had so many donations of supplies and food that it shows that the community can come together for something positive and make a difference.”

This is the first cleanup this year but there will be three more throughout the year.

If you would like additional information or would like to sign up, please contact Missy Jandura at 225-323-2555 or by email