Senator David Vitter speaks to Ascension Rotary clubs

Allison B. Hudson
Sandy Pizzolato, Ascension Catholic Principal was the guest speaker at the noon Rotary meeting. She is pictured with Rotary President Allison Hudson and Rotarian Marvin Gros.

On last Thursday morning, Senator David Vitter spoke to Ascension Rotary clubs and other business leaders about several issues regarding the state of Louisiana.

He mentioned three items he is currently working on: the debt deal, gas prices, and repealing Obamacare.

Vitter stated that he opposed the debt deal because it did not address the state’s current problems seriously.

“Washington’s failed energy policies have lead to dramatic increases in the price at the pump. The U.S. is the most energy rich country in the world, but under President Obama we’ve put more than 90 percent of our home grown resources off limits,” he said.

Vitter said he forced a vote in the Senate to repeal this unconstitutional government takeover of health care to free Americans from its increased taxes, mandates and government-run health care decisions.

“I’m certainly hoping that the Supreme Court strikes down the law and I will continue working in the Senate to repeal it and replace it with common-sense reforms that focus specifically on the problems that exist,” he added.

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pictured is Ascension Rotary President’s Allison Hudson, Mike Grace, and Gasper Chifici with Senator David Vitter.