What YOU need to know about the half-cent sales tax

Allison B. Hudson

On April 21, residents will be voting on the half-cent increase in Donaldsonville. The half- cent sales tax will begin July 1, 2012 if it passes to be levied in perpetuity. It will be for the improvements of constructing and maintaining roads, streets, bridges, sidewalks, and other infrastructure and works of public improvements.

Currently, a total of 8.5 percent on the dollar in sales taxes is collected on purchases within the city limits.

The city appropriates monies each year for improvements and maintenance of streets but has been of insufficient amounts that meet the needs of the city.

It is anticipated that the sales tax revenues will increase each year due to economic development and inflation, and should help keep pace with increased costs of maintenance and construction and be available for paying debt service on future bond issues.

What the improvements can include:

  • Road improvements
  • Turn lane improvements
  • New sidewalk constructions
  • Lighting construction and rehabilitation

The Capital Improvements Plan takes into account safety, the number of residents on a road, transit routes, the existing road condition, traffic volume, and proximity to railroad crossings, road characteristics, and future development.

A feasibility study was the first step of this process to determine what was needed. The study revealed over ten million dollars was needed for roads and that road improvements would get top priority.

The tax would bring about $450,000 a year worth of revenues for these projects.

To learn more about this tax, a meeting will be held at city hall on Monday, April 16, at 5:30 p.m. to answer questions and to inform the public on this tax.