BASF Corporation Supports The Ascension Fund

Staff reports
Paulette Rosamond and Elizabeth Nealy accept $75,000 donation from Tom Yura and Doreen Swanson of BASF Corporation to benefit The Ascension Fund.

BASF Corporation expressed its commitment to quality education in Ascension Parish with a $75,000 contribution to The Ascension Fund. Tom Yura, Sr. VP & General Manager with BASF Corporation, Paulette Rosamond, EHS Specialist II with BASF and Ascension Fund Board Member, along with Doreen Swanson with BASF presented the donation to AF’s Executive Director, Elizabeth Nealy, Ph.D.

BASF Corporation has been in Ascension Parish for more than four decades and employs over 1,500 people. BASF believes in supporting the community and understands that providing quality education is vital to the well-being of the parish.

“The Ascension Fund is a wonderful organization committed to inspiring excellence in public education. Providing quality education to the parish is a necessity, and BASF is proud to support that effort,” said Yura.

Ascension Parish is the fastest growing parish and has one of the top performing school systems in Louisiana. With such an exemplary record, Ascension Parish has become a draw for families looking to relocate from surrounding parishes as well as those moving to the area from out-of-state in order to work in industry here.

BASF realizes that the students’ currently in school today will likely be its future workforce. It has backed up this belief by investing in the academic success of all our children.

As the parish continues to grow, The Ascension Fund continues to support local schools and it endeavors to help educators implement effective and dynamic projects and teaching techniques in the classroom. To accomplish this goal it awards $500, $1,000 and $2,500 grants to winning applicants.

“The Ascension Fund relies on support from the entire community for improving the academic quality of education in Ascension Parish,” said Walker. “With the help from business leaders like BASF Corporation we are better able to accomplish our goals,” Nealy added.

The Ascension Fund celebrated its 20th Anniversary this year on Oct. 6th, and is proud to report that in 2011 it awarded 51 grants representing a $52,000 investment in the public education in Ascension Parish.

For more information or to make a donation to The Ascension Fund, please visit, or contact: Dr. Elizabeth Nealy, Executive Director, at, or 225.290.3322.