Letter from the Editor: May is Healthy Vision Month

Allison B. Hudson

As we grow older, one of the things that change over time is our vision. Today, at most stores, they sell what I like to call quick fix eyeglasses. We’ve all seen them on the circular racks at drugstores, and most of us have them. Some have trouble facing the fact that their vision is not what it used to be, and refuse to see an optometrist.

The purpose of Healthy Vision Month is to educate and hopefully inspire those millions of people who are living with undetected vision problems and eye conditions to become more familiar with their vision.

When I was in high school I noticed my vision was a bit off and my parents took me to the eye doctor and I thought it was the worst day of my life when the optometrist stated I had to wear glasses. Well, over time, it was great to get used to contacts, but I still never thought about how important it is to get my eye exams on a regular basis, until a couple of months ago that is.

I was driving at night and noticed I could not make out anything, and the next day I made an appointment with my local optometrist. After a thorough exam and a detailed explanation of my vision, glasses and contacts were something I would have to get reacquainted with. As I left the appointment I began checking with my family and friends and seeing if they get their eyes checked regularly as they should, and most of the answers I received were No.

It was then that I realized its time to spread the word about getting regular eye exams and how important our vision is.

One of the most important things people can do to protect their vision is to schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam. In this painless procedure, an eye care professional examines the eyes to look for common vision problems and eye diseases, many of which have no early warning signs. A comprehensive dilated eye exam can detect eye diseases and conditions in their early stages, before vision loss occurs. Early detection and treatment can help to save your sight.

So as we begin a new month, I encourage each and every person to get their vision checked and be in the know about having a healthy vision.

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Allison B. Hudson

Editor in Chief