River Road African American Museum receives makeover

LaTreshia Douglas-Simon

In 2003, Kathe Hambrick-Jackson, founder and director of the River Road African American Museum relocated her museum to Donaldsonville. For the first time in nine years, the museum received its first paint job on last Saturday.

Employees and interns from ExxonMobil Refinery and ExxonMobil Chemical plant of Baton Rouge along with ExxonMobil Refinery of Chalmette gathered at the museum to help make this an amazing success.

Leo Caillier, a crew unit supervisor at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Chalmette said, “We are here to do some physical plant improvements at the museum and we have twelve plant employees here with family members.” “We are doing everything we can to help paint and change the physical condition of the museum.”

ExxonMobil have a program where the company is committed to matching every hour the employees spend at the museum working. Because of their time, the company is going to donate money to the museum.

“It was Larry Avist ideal to put this plan together. He came up with the ideas,” said Caillier.

Larry Avist, a mechanical supervisor at ExxonMobil said the crew is doing a great job making changes to the museum. He also stated that they are fixing the porch lights and replacing the latticework. They also replaced some windows.

Janice Hill, a museum volunteer also came out to give a helping hand with whatever was needed to be done.

Anthony Riley, who have been volunteering with the museum since the age of nine was there to help out with the landscaping.