DHS Principal invited to Democratic National Convention

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Last week, Dr. Esrom Pitre, Principal at Donaldsonville High School received a letter inviting him to participate in a panel at the Democratic National Convention that began on Monday, September 3.

Dr. Pitre will be a panelist for a forum entitled, Challenging the Status Quo: A forum on Equity and Inclusion for School-Aged Black Males. The forum is co-hosted by the Education Collaborative at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, and the School of Education at Howard University.

The forum took place on Wednesday, September 5.

“I am elated to participate in this panel,” said Dr. Pitre. “To give advice and recommendations on what we can do as a nation to make a positive difference in the lives of school-aged males, is an absolute honor.”

Dr. Pitre will return from the convention later this week and photos will posted on our website at as they