Storm debris removal continues

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Storm debris removal began Monday, updated storm debris pick-up schedules became available Tuesday, Sept. 11 on Ascension Parish’s website, said parish officials.

Parish engineer Ben Laurie said debris removal crews started Monday and picked up vegetative debris only during this first pass. He said Ascension Parish will be divided into five zones that include all of the unincorporated areas of the east bank, the City of Donaldsonville, the west bank and the Town of Sorrento.

“Crews will generally be starting from the outer edge of the five zones and work toward the center of the parish,” Laurie said. “We will do follow up passes to pick up storm construction and demolition debris after that. We will keep the public informed when that will happen.”

Laurie said each zone is broken down into numbered grid patterns. He said daily updates will be posted on the parish website map as debris collection reports are made available.

“This way, residents can get a general overall picture of when they can expect crews in their area. People need to know that due to the staggered amount of debris that accumulated across the parish, some areas may take longer to cover than others,” he said.

Laurie said vegetative debris should be segregated from other debris and no debris should be placed in any ditches.

Laurie said plastic bags full of leaves should be kept away from the vegetative debris that will be picked up.

Debris piles need to be separate of everything and away from any utility boxes, bushes, mailboxes, or other permanent fixtures in the yard’s right-of-way. This will minimize damages to property, Laurie said.

Debris that is placed farther than 10 feet from the street or curb is considered on private property and will not be picked up. Debris should not block the roadway.

Laurie said crews are not allowed to enter onto private property at any time.

Laurie said a public drop-off point for vegetative debris will also be available at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center beginning at noon, Monday. This drop-off location is only for parish residents. Contractors are not allowed to use this site, he said.

For more information, call (225) 621-5730, 621-5731 or 621-5732.