Council discusses future hurricane preparedness

Allison B. Hudson

Now that Hurricane Isaac is over, the council has had time to regroup and

figure out if their set plan for hurricane preparedness works, or needs


The council authorized Mayor Leroy Sullivan to sign an intergovernmental

agreement between Ascension Parish for debris removal and debris monitoring.

The council also discussed allowing D-Snap, a food assistance program, to

come into the Lemann Center to assist residents was tabled for the next

meeting because some council members requested additional information.

"This should have been in place before now," said Councilman Rev. Charles

Brown. "We delay on stuff too much."

Councilman Rev. Brown advised that the council should have a plan in place

before hand, and not after.

"We need to get someone from Entergy and Peoples Water Company in here to

advise them of our plan and that we can all assist each other for our

residents," he said.

Everyone agreed that better preparedness is necessary moving forward and a

plan will be in place after councilmen can agree on one and can get

clarification on the lease agreement to D-Snap for the use of the Lemann


The council also asked Dean Werner of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office

about the sale of alcohol when a state of emergency is declared for the city

of Donaldsonville. Werner advised the council that when a curfew is issued,

they enforce that, which would mean everyone should be off the road.

However, each situation or disaster is different, so if the council would

like to halt the sale of alcohol during that time, that would be up to the

council and the Mayor.

Another topic of discussion amongst councilmen was the possible raise of

city employees. Councilman Emile Spano said that the city employees are long

time employees and it may be necessary to look at the possibility of a


"The employees we have our loyal and hard working and we need to show our

appreciation for them," said Councilman Spano. "It's been a long time since

a raise was even entertained."

Other news:

*The council accepted and approved the Capital Improvement Feasibility study

*The council voted to award the administration of the $200,000 line item

appropriation, hotel/motel tax, administration fee of four percent to Carl


*The council awarded the administration of the $243,000 "Recreation Trails

Grant" fee of six percent to Missy Jandura and Carl Capone.

*The council tabled allowing the use of the Lemann Center to the ASAP Riders

for a fund raiser to a later meeting when a representative of ASAP Riders

can appear to explain further details.

*The council approved the liquor license for Ascension Catholic School for

the School Fair, September 14-16.

City council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every

month at City Hall at 6 p.m. Residents are encouraged to attend and voice

their concerns regarding the city of Donaldsonville.