First graders visit the Chief

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
First graders from Donaldsonville Primary School visit the Donaldsonville Chief newspaper office to learn the daily routine of a newspaper business.

On Tuesday morning, the Donaldsonville Chief office was filled with first graders from Donaldsonville Primary School. Teachers, Ms. Enriquez and Ms. Rhodes, have been focusing on learning about communities and their local community, Donaldsonville.

“We have been addressing throughout this unit the ability to ask and answer questions,” said Ms. Enriquez.

36 magnet students toured the Donaldsonville Chief and learned everything about newspapers from writing articles to placing an ad. Students asked an abundance of questions relating to the editor’s job description, and the printing process.

Students shared why they thought the newspaper was important for the community and several students even said they read the local newspaper, the Donaldsonville Chief.

“I think it is very important for students to learn in the classroom about their surroundings and local businesses that are important in a community and then be able to see it first hand by visiting the local businesses and meeting with those people,” said Hudson. “It makes a difference.”