City to be 're-branded'

DeRon Talley

The term "change" has been used a lot through the past few years, especially when talking about developing economies and communities. In Donaldsonville, that same word is being used in efforts to re-brand the city and make it more attracting to tourists.

Last Tuesday the city's elected officials met at the town hall and agreed that there will be branding changes for the city of Donaldsonville.One of the changes will be to the city's logo, which is currently of an old steam engine.

The elected officials agreed and said they would like to see a change in the city's logo, but have not decided on what the logo will be. Mayor Leroy J. Sullivan and Allison B. Hudson, president of the Chamber of Commerce, showed the city councilmen a design for a logo that featured the Sunshine Bridge.

The city councilmen liked the idea of change for the city, but said they would like to see a change that represented the city better. The Sunshine Bridge isn't within Donaldsonville city limits, so the city councilmen weren't receptive of that idea as of yet.

"Why are we focusing on something that's outside of the city? Why don't we focus on something that's inside the city? Like the River Front," said Emile Spano, District 5 City Councilman.

Hudson said the Sunshine Bridge was considered because many tourists associate Donaldsonville with the bridge.

"Different people who are not from the state of Louisiana, or even from the United States, they think 'Oh the Sunshine Bridge, yea that's Donaldsonville," Hudson said.

The councilmen plan to meet and discuss what the new logo will look like at a later date.