AMIKids cleaning up the community

DeRon Talley
The group of leaders and AMIkids that went out into the community Tuesday and cleaned up trash.

City Councilmen and other elected officials aren't the only ones tired of seeing trash thrown around the community. The kids are too. The AMIKids of Donaldsonville went out into the community Tuesday and picked up the trash that makes D'Ville look less attractive.

Community Coordinator for AMIKids, Andrea Johnson, said she believes it gives the kids an opportunity to for them to be better citizens.

"It helps others in the community, even the adults, to see the importance of a clean community," Johnson said. "It makes it a better place for them to play in, be educated in, and just be able to come outside and see a clean environment."

Helping out along with the kids was City Councilman for District 3, Reginald Francis Sr. who said he's glad that efforts are being made to get the area clean. Francis said it has to start somewhere.

"This ought to inspire people to want to help out and pick up the trash, and to also just not trash the community at all."

The idea to start the trash cleanup came from Tammy Dale, Vice-President of Capital One Bank, member of the Donaldsonville Development District Board and the Louisiana Development Ready City Board – which supports and sponsors the trash bash events.

Dale said she was inspired a few years ago to get out clean up Donaldsonville. She calls it the "Trash Bash." She said she wants to branch out into each district and keep the city as a whole attractive for when visitors come. Her goal is to make the community responsible for keep its home clean.

"The streets are like our hallways in our homes," said Dale, referring to how necessary it is to keep the city clean. "We wouldn't invite people into our homes if they have trash everywhere."

Dale said she wants to shift her attention to Highway 3089, the main area visitors see, and leave the other parts of the community in the hands of responsible people, she said like the churches.

Dale said she is also working toward getting Capital One Bank involved in the volunteerism.

There will be an opportunity for the community as a whole to help clean up trash on Saturday. Dale and other leaders and supporters will have the Trash Bash starting at 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. and it will start at the city hall for 8 a.m. The Trash Bash is sponsored by the DDD, LDRC and City Council and they are asking for volunteers.