Pump the Brakes

DeRon Talley

The city council discussed an ordinance to install speed bumps in certain areas in Donaldsonville last Tuesday at the city of the whole meeting at the Town Hall.

City Councilman for District 2, Raymond Aucoin, said he met with people on Market Street who made a request for speed bumps in the community.

Aucoin said he is ready to move forward to develop some type of ordinance without making Donaldsonville the "speed bump capital of the world."

"We want to come up with a way that would work, yet still somewhat limit it," Aucoin said.

Aucoin said he has ideas for what areas would be deserving of the speed bumps such as:

  • Speed bumps would be put only in "established" subdivisions.
  • Has a maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour
  • No intermediate stop signs established
  • 80 percent of residents/landowners sign a petition for the need

Aucoin offered several other ideas to that would qualify an area for speed bumps.

According to Aucoin, there are some citizens who offered to buy the speed bumps for their neighborhood because of the need. In cases like that, the city would still have to install the speed bumps.

"We need to find out if we can legally do that," said Mayor Leroy Sullivan, about citizens paying for speed bumps for their own neighborhoods. "Ultimately, we are going to be responsible right?"

The panel never denied the need for speed bumps to be installed in certain areas, the only concern is defining what a subdivision is that requires them.

Aucoin said he knows not everybody is like the few who can afford to buy speed bumps in the neighborhood.

Aucoin said he will figure out the legalities of how it can be resolved with the city's attorney, Chuck Long, and he told the other councilmen if they had any ideas for the requirements for getting speed bumps to let him know and they will decide on the ordinance at a later date.