Leading for Legislative Day

DeRon Talley

The AMIKids of Donaldsonville honored local, parish and state government officials last Tuesday for Legislative Day, a featured theme during Red Ribbon Week. This year's theme for Red Ribbon Week: "It's up to me to be drug free."

The AMIKids hosted several guests, such as Louisiana State Rep. Ed Price, and toured them around their facility. They even provided lunch.

Being given an opportunity to host an event to such caliber guests showed the program has a solid foundation for what it teaches the students who attend.

Sha-Darrion McKinley, a student at AMIKids said she really enjoyed the opportunity to host and tour guests around the facility.

"It was no biggie because I like to talk to people and it was easy to tell them about the school," McKinley said.

McKinley said she would excited if she could get a host job when she got older although she thinks it might be a little difficult for her.

"It would be surprising because I am a troubled kid, but I'd be excited."

Developing leadership in the students is one of the things the AMI program aims to do, and Andrew Jackson, the special education teacher at AMI, said the students' progress very well in the program.

Jackson said, "It's a good thing for the community to know that we exist and we are here to help the kids. We have proven before that the program we have here works."