Stash the Trash

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
The group of volunteers who cleaned the city at last Saturday's community Trash Bash.

Tammy Dale had a vision to keep her community that she loves free from trash in the streets. She pondered and shared her idea with her friends and councilmen and her vision became a reality. With now four trash bashes under her belt and new friends made from volunteering at each one, Dale says she couldn't be happier.

"It melts my heart that so many people come out to help us clean our streets," she said.

On Saturday, approximately 50 people came out to help pick up trash on the busy

Highway 3089. Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office deputies helped patrol the area to slow drivers down while volunteers worked on the side of the highway.

Volunteers from various organizations attended the Trash Bash. Teachers from Teach for America helped and painted the kiosk entrance coming into town, and there were Word of Life Church volunteers, along with the Donaldsonville High School Varsity Basketball Team helped to plant flowers.

The Louisiana Development Ready City committee attended to oversee the event, with Dale spearheading that project.

The trash bash began at 8 a.m. and volunteers gathered at city hall where Mayor Leroy Sullivan opened with a prayer. Volunteers then went out and cleaned the streets.

Councilmen Reginald Francis, Emile Spano, and Lauthaught Delaney cleaned the area closest to Donaldsonville Primary School where they loaded over four bags full of garbage.

"Together as a community we can take pride and not throw our trash on the ground but in dumpsters, it starts with one person and hopefully takes a domino effect. Dville Pride, City Wide," added Dale.

To find out how you can get involved please call the Downtown Development District Office at 225-323-2555.