Sullivan three-peats

DeRon Talley

There aren't a lot of people who can accurately use the term, "3-peat" because they have never repeated anything three times. In sports you have names like Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, but right here in Donaldsonville another name goes on that list; Leroy Sullivan. Mayor Leroy Sullivan was voted to remain as the leader of Donaldsonville and as his campaign slogan suggests, the people voted for a proven leader.

"It was a great feeling to be re-elected to the second term," Mayor Sullivan said. "It's an even sweeter experience to be elected to the third term. I take my hat off to Eric (Robinson), we ran a clean race and the people spoke."

Mayor Sullivan is the first to be three times elected for Mayor in nearly fourty years, but he doesn't plan to let up any on his goals for the city. He still is a man on a mission to improve Donaldsonville.

"Over the next four years I have to do even more to show the people that Donaldsonville is headed in the right direction."

Sullivan said no predictions will be made on whether or not he will continue to run in the next election in four years, but his heart is certainly in doing a good job for Donaldsonville and representing the people.

"I just thank the people of Donaldsonville that have the confidence in me that we are moving the city forward."

Also who will be continuing to serve and the lead the community are City Councilmen Emile Spano and Rev. Charles Brown. Brown, who was re-elected in district 4, and Spano of district 5, round out the city's council that has been in office for a number of years now and will keep together a team that has been working to improve the city.

Spano said, "It's a good feeling that the people put me back in."

Spano's opponent, Mike Sullivan, came forth early with his intent to run against Spano and thus worried Spano and forced him to put a little pep in his step as far as campaigning to continue his position.

"I'm just ecstatic and proud that the people of district 5 have given me another shot at it," Spano said. "Everything worked out alright and it was a good clean race and I'm very proud of it."

"I'm just hoping we can take care of business and keep Donaldsonville moving forward."

Spano on being able to continue to work with the same city leaders for another term:

"I've been associated with these fellows for a little over five years and we all are on the same page," Spano said. "We work well together and when you work well together it makes it so much easier."

Mayor Sullivan said, "I'm happy that the council is back in full tack and we can continue to do the things that we are working on."

Rev. Brown wasn't able to be reached in time for press.