Council to lockdown on city rules


The city council wants to hammer down on a few of its ordinances, and it discussed some issues at its meeting last Tuesday. The council discussed loud music played in the Louisiana Square Park and junk or blighted property issues around the city. Mayor Leroy Sullivan wants to have a Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss to what needs to be addressed in all areas of the city where there is blighted property.

“We need to be more aggressive and a lot stricter on what we do,” Sullivan said.

Councilman Lauthaught Delaney, of district 1, added that it needs to be a top priority for the city’s attorney, Chuck Long, to handle for both blighted property or junk cars.

District 5 councilman, Emile Spano said, “We need some type of backing that we can really stand on.”

Spano said he has approached residents concerning that issue and the blighted property would be gone for a few months, but would later return.

“We’re spinning our wheels.”

A Committee of the Whole meeting was motioned to discuss the new regulations and a move forward to rid the city of the blighted property and junk cars.

Spano, who was in a close election race this year, had more on his agenda for his constituents. He discussed loud music in the Louisiana Square Park.

He has four residents who live on the corners of each block of the park and the problem occurs when parties are held at the park there’s loud music and inappropriate music. He said he advices the residents to call the Sheriff’s Office to respond and tell the partygoers to lower the music.

“The loud music part of it doesn’t concern me as much as the vulgarity of it,” he said. “There are too many families around there with small kids.”

“We need to do something.”

Spano asked the council to think about it and what can be done to prevent it, maybe no music in the park at all.

Sullivan said he tells the parties when they are booked at the city hall the rules of the park and as they concern to music. They all say they will comply, but obviously they aren’t.

“What we need to do is start shutting it (the party) down,” Sullivan said, “to make an example.”

That issue will also be discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting.