Council meeting filled with lots of decisions


The city council made final decisions on several topics for Donaldsonville in its Council Meeting Tuesday night at the City Hall. Over the past couple of weeks, the council brought ideas, discussed them and at last week's Committee of the Whole meeting the council decided to vote on the items for Tuesday, and so they did.

Councilman for district 4, Charles Brown, motioned to discuss funding a coordinator for the recreation in Donaldsonville to serve along with the Ascension Parish. The council discussed, but at this time the council voted not to fund one.

Councilman for district 3, Reginald Francis motioned first, and Emile Spano, district 5 councilman, made a second to the motion to not provide funding for a recreation director.

"I did get the information on this so I have no problem with doing it," Brown said.

Spano brought to the council's attention the issue of loud and vulgar music played in the Louisiana Square Park at the last meeting. Tuesday night, he got an answer on what the rules are. Mayor Leroy Sullivan said the rules would be re-written to say, "vulgar or loud music that is affecting the residents in that area would be shut down." With no warning, functions will be shut down on the first offense.

Spano made the motion to authorize the mayor to change the wording in the ordinance to include vulgar language and loud music in the park. Francis made a second to the motion.

Residents on Reynard Drive asked the city if they could be allowed to have speed bumps installed on Reynard Drive at their own expense, but if the city would install the speed bumps. Council chairman and district 2 councilman, Raymond Aucoin, motioned to approve the request and said the correct term for the speed bumps is, "traffic calming devices." Spano made a second to the motion. All voted to agree.

The council had problems with the city's website and in discussing it decided to ask the Louisiana Development Ready City (LDRC) committee of Donaldsonville to visit and review the website to come back with a recommendation for the website and offer other options.

Delaney made the motion to allow the LDRC to review the proposal from other parties and come back to the council with a recommendation. Francis made a second, and all voted yes.

Also, district 1 councilman, Lauthaught Delaney, motioned to authorize the mayor to sign a resolution in support of the Early Learning Development Center. Spano made a second to that motion.

Before the meeting ended, the council discussed the basketball association. Jason Worley, president of the Ascension Parish Recreation, and Ajia Mitchell, Recreation Coordinator, stood to talk to the council on the developments and improvements they are working toward for providing a better system for the kids to play in.

Last season, there wasn't a girl's league and Worley said it wasn't because the parents and kids didn't know about it, but that there wasn't enough who signed up.

Worley said he doesn't know if the cost is a problem for why kids aren't being signed up, but he doesn't think it has a lot to do with it. Brown said he doesn't know if the effort of Worley and his staff isn't completely there because they are volunteers, but he said the council pays money out of the city's budget to provide recreation for the kids.

"All of us, all we want is for our recreation to run," Brown said, "we want to see improvement in our recreation."

"Nobody wants that more than me," Worley said, about the success of the recreation, "because at the end of the day all eyes on me if the program is successful or not."

Sandra Williams, the city's financial director, made a suggestion to help get more kids signed up. She said if each of the councilmen, the mayor and the city's attorney sponsored ten kids for the registration, which is thirty dollars apiece.

"I think that might work to help the program," Williams said, who used to play biddy ball as a youth. "That's a way to market and get the kids out. They know that the city councilmen is going to pay for ten kids in they district and let it ride."

Registration for basketball is going on right now.