Lowery Elementary reaches out to parents

Fourth grade teacher Maryam Diaab talks to a student and parent at the Benchmark Test meeting last week at Lowery Elementary School.

The Lowery Elementary School students will begin taking a Bench Mark Test Friday that will go on through Wednesday and it gauges where each student needs help with in English, Math and Sciences. To help the students and parents prepare better for the test, LOES hosted a meeting for the parents to meet with the teachers and discuss the student's performance and what the child needs for improvement and how to do it.

At the benchmark night, parents will learned their child's benchmark goal, his or her progress towards that goal, skills covered on Quarter two Benchmark, worksheets and/or tips that parents can practice at home, and DIBELS data and ways parents can help with this at home.

Shalita H. Daigle, mother of a son and daughter who attends LOES, found out that her fourth grade son can apply himself more in class and that her fifth grade daughter is doing great as expected.

"I think it's a really good program," Daigle said about the Bench Mark testing meeting. "I think it's the things they are doing to inform us about the children and how they are doing in school every quarter are real good."

Acting Principal, Dawn Love, said with this being the first time the school hosted a bench mark testing meeting they didn't expect a "big turnout." But, she said they would continue hosting the meetings and expect each to build more momentum.

"I'm hoping that we will all work together to support our kids," Love said, who has been acting as principal for less than a month.

Love said the school's goal is to grow 30 percent and she knows that isn't something it can do without the help of the parents.

"If we pull our parents in and let them know what we are doing in school then they can start carrying that task outside of school as well," Love said. "Hopefully the double-dose, school and home, will make our kids successful."