Council discusses skaters, land sale at meeting


At the city council meeting last week there was a long discussion on how to sale the property behind the Protestant Cemetery on St. Vincent Street. An appraisal has been done and there are three parties interested in buying. Now, the council is deciding how to rid of the property best.

Back in October, the council was faced with a dilemma of two intruders on its property: the Protestant Cemetery, who has graves dug on the property, and the neighbor, who parks vehicles on the land blocking the back entrance to the cemetery.

The council since decided it would sell the property, and the city’s attorney Chuck Long said there are two ways to do it: either through fair value with a private or public buyer, or through proposals from interested buyers.

“I recommend that if we have two different people that want it tell them we were willing to subdivide this portion. ‘If you’re interested in buying this portion make us an offer,’” Long said. “We have to be reasonable. You can’t just give it away.”

The decision on how to sale the property will be finalized at the city’s committee of the whole meeting.

District 5 city councilman, Emile Spano brought to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office attention his concerns with vandalism in the parks. Spano said the Christmas decoration bulbs are being taken out the ornaments and that it’s getting out of hand. Not only are the Christmas decorations being tampered with, but also Spano has noticed other things.

“They are also pulling the benches towards the gazebo and are skate boarding off of the gazebo on to the benches,” Spano said. “All the coatings are off the benches and they rusting like crazy, that’s vandalism.”

“The benches are demolished. I’m not out to stop the kids from having a good time with the skateboards, but they have to start respecting people’s property,” Spano said.

Spano didn’t file a report saying the lights were taken and the APSO reminded him that if he did APSO would have been aware and the patrolling would have been increased in the area.

APSO said the deputies are aware of the skateboarders handling on the benches in the park and said the skaters will be reminded not to destruct them.

“They probably not thinking they are hurting anything, not realizing it,” the APSO representative said. “So we will bring it to their attention.”

“We don’t want to take the fun out of it, but it’s just the idea,” Spano said.