The Frey


There are many ways to be honored for successful athletic careers, but there may be none better than having your playing jersey retired. If there is one better, Lane Frey wouldn’t know it because he said he was excited when Ascension Catholic High School retired his number-30 basketball jersey on Dec. 21, 2012 at the ACHS gym.

“It feels good,” Frey said about the honor. “It felt like when I was riding up here I was going to a game. It brings back memories. It’s good to come back here and see how the team is doing.”

Frey graduated from ACHS in 2000 and played the forward position in basketball. In his four-year career he accumulated 2,054 points, a couple of All-District and All-State awards.

Frey said he thought about everybody from his dad to his teammates who all were in his life during that time and said “they played a part in it also.”

“All the teachers at Ascension played a good portion in my life,” Frey said, who now lives in Jackson, Miss. “They’ve all helped me in a sense and prepared me academically. I can’t say enough good things academically over here.”

Troy LeBoeuf, ACHS’s business manager, said the school has a committee that discusses presentations like Frey’s and now that Frey has been out of school for 12 years, the time is appropriate.

During Frey’s high school career, he wasn’t just a great athlete, he excelled in the classroom too by maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. Now Frey is a doctor.

“I think it was a no brainer when the committee looked at it and reviewed it,” LeBoeuf said about honoring Frey.

LeBoeuf presented Frey with his number-30 jersey at center court in front of the crowd who attended the ACHS basketball game against Hanson. For the current and future ACHS basketball players, they now have something to look up to. LeBoeuf said he’s been asked before “who’s that guy? That’s a lot of points in a four-year time.”

He said hopefully to see a guy like Frey would motivate them to excel and see that “something is obtainable.”

Hopefully the kids see that and work hard to maybe get to that point one day.

Frey added: “Happy to be back, fun to see the team and see my buddies and I’m just glad to be back.”

LeBoeuf added: “He’s a great player, comes from a great family. The Frey family has been big supporters of Ascension Catholic. He mentioned his grandfather. They called him Mr. Ascension Catholic back in the day.”