Elected officials sworn in

District 3 councilman, Reginald Francis Sr. stands next to his wife and takes the oath to serve Donaldsonville given by city attorney Charles Long.

The 2013 Inaugural Ceremony honoring Donalsonville’s elected officials took place Monday at the City Hall. The people’s choices to represent Donaldsonville are: Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr., and councilmen: Lauthaught Delaney Sr. (District 1), Raymond Aucoin (District 2), Reginald Francis Sr. (District 3), Charles Brown Sr. (District 4) and Emile Spano (District 5). All were sworn in to serve the city of Donaldsonville by city attorney Charles “Chuck” Long.

Many attended to support the elected officials from all levels of politics and the community. After Long cited the officials with the oaths, Donaldsonville’s council chairman, Aucoin gave his remarks. He said the council is ready to move forward now.

“I’m very proud to be part of this town. We are getting some things accomplished,” Aucoin said in his remarks. “Who knows what challenges will be ahead of us over the next four years. We’ve been through some tough things - a couple of hurricanes - and we worked our way through those things.”

He said the council is here to serve and support the city of Donaldsonville.

Roy Quezaire served as the master of ceremony for the program and before he introduced Sullivan for remarks, he had some kind words about the honorable man he calls his “best friend.”

“His heart is always in the right place,” Quezaire said.

When Sullivan took the podium, he echoed Quezaire and proudly called him the same, “best friend.”

In Sullivan’s remarks, he first thanked God for allowing him to serve a third term, which he said is no “easy task.” He thanked his family, those who work for the city of Donaldsonville and the community. Before he rounded up his thank you speech, he credited the man whom he said he learned a lot from, former mayor of Donaldsonville B.J. Francis. Francis served as mayor when Sullivan was elected as city councilman.

“You inspired me to go further,” Sullivan said to Francis who was sitting in the crowd. “I appreciate you and your guidance. It has meant a lot to me.”

Sullivan talked about the councilmen who work beside him and he said he couldn’t ask for a better group.

“We have our little fights, but we work together and we get pass it,” Sullivan said about the council. “We do what we feel is best for the city of Donaldsonville as a whole. That’s my only commitment to you is that we will continue to do what is best for the city of Donaldsonville.”

Sullivan also said that the people’s voices were heard during election time to clean the city and make it a safer place.

“We’re going to step it up a notch,” Sullivan said about progressing the city. “We’re going to do those things in our power to make Donaldsonville a much more cleaner and pleasant place where people want to come and work and live. That’s our goal and I’m sure we are going to obtain that goal.”