State of Donaldsonville

Mayor Leroy Sullivan says thank you at the 2013 Inauguration Ceremony at the town hall.

In 2012, Donaldsonville got a lot done. One of its biggest accomplishments was voting to pass the half-cent sales tax in April that goes towards road improvements which include: constructing and maintaining roads, streets, bridges, sidewalks and other infrastructure and works of public improvement. The tax took effect on July 1, and is expected to bring about $450,000 a year worth of revenue for these projects. With that, Donaldsonville took a step in the right direction for a better city.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. said 2012 was a difficult year for the city as it has been for the past four years when you look at the economy of the United State. But, he said worried not because he made way for the city to continue to do more, but with less -less resources and less staff.

The city is now down to 12 total employees in the Public Works Department, which cover the streets, gas and waste/water. So, Sullivan said he is very sincere when he says the city is doing more with less. He said it’s not easy but they try to do each job at the best of their abilities, do it together and accomplish it with good efforts.

“That’s why you see me out there doing things because it needs to be done,” Sullivan said on contributing his manpower to city projects. “I’m not better or above the people who work for me to where I won’t do the things they do, so you’ll see me out there.”

Donaldsonville saw lots of help from volunteers in 2012. Groups like the Louisiana Development Ready City (LDRC) and the Mainstreet Donaldsonville Development District (DDD) held many community events that helped improve the city’s appearance. Sullivan said those groups brought in other organizations from outside of city limits and the state to help at events such as “Stash the Trash.”

“LDRC is working diligently to make a difference in city,” Sullivan said. “In 2013, you will see some more great work from the LDRC.”

As far as that half-cent sales tax, Sullivan said the people’s vote to pass that spoke volumes that they saw need for better roads in the community. Their votes were not in vein. The mayor has plans to get the first road project underway by the end of February.

“We have $2.7 million in road improvements that we are going to do,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said in the road project, a sidewalk from Church Street to Wal-Mart would be constructed to make it safer for those who walk to the store along the highway.

“That project is going to be starting and thanks to the people for voting for that.”

Sullivan said it was a “slow year” because it was a difficult time financial wise, but he said they are making better decisions with the little money the city has.