Operation Save-A-Life

(Left to right) Louisiana State Fire Marshall H. Butch Browning stands with Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero and Donaldsonville Rotary Club president Marvin Gros at the club’s weekly luncheon at Café Lafourche.

The Donaldsonville Rotary Club has joined efforts with the Donaldsonville Fire Department, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Louisiana State Fire Marshall in a project called “Operation Save-A-Life.”

Operation Save-A-Life was created to combat the rise in fire related injury and deaths due to home fires in our great state. The goal of this statewide initiative is to dramatically reduce fire related death across the State of Louisiana by installing smoke alarms to vulnerable citizens and at-risk communities.

Fire Marshall H. Butch Browning was featured as the speakers at the Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon at Café Lafourche and he brought a simple problem to the club’s attention: people are still dying in homes.

His solution is also simple: provide and install smoke alarms in the houses.

Browning wants to highlight Ascension Parish in making sure that everybody in the parish has a working fire alarm in their house or business.

“I think that’s so simple,” Browning said to the Rotary Club.

Ascension Parish Sheriff, Jeff Wiley, is 100 percent on board with the program and so is the Donaldsonville Fire Department and other leaders. Applications and information was sent home with students at the schools and applications are being served at the churches in Donaldsonville.

The project is set to begin in Donaldsonville March 2 and on March 16 where certified installers will come to the homes of those who filed applications to receive smoke alarms.

“Safety and prevention is a community responsibility,” Browning said.