Give the kids a Smile Day’ at DPS

Dentist Laura Therman screens a student’s teeth at Donaldsonville Primary School last week during the “Give the kids a Smile Day.”

Having healthy and clean teeth is an important habit to maintain and the Capitol City Family Health Center (CCFHC) pressed that message to the students at Donaldsonville Primary School last week. The CCFHC visited the students to inform them of the importance of brushing their teeth and to give dental screenings to them all.

“Doing the dental screening is very important because it’s part of their overall health,” DPS principal Mary McMahan said. “If they don’t have healthy teeth and healthy gums then it can affect their other health as well. Just to have the screening for preventative reasons so that things don’t get too far before they get taken care of is going to be a big help to our children.”

A total of 289 children were screened after Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan shared with them his personal experiences with dentists and after watching a video cartoon that spread the same message.

“I think they enjoyed it because it was kind of fun,” McMahan said. “When they go for their screenings they are not going to be scared. I know a lot of times children are afraid to go to the dentist. I know I was, I hated it and was afraid to go to the dentist.”

“It’s important to get their teeth check,” Sullivan said. “I told them that even as the mayor it’s important because you’re always talking to people.”

Sullivan said he had a busy morning in the schools that started off at Lowery Middle School where he talked to the eighth graders with the Rotary Club of Donaldsonville. He said he’s having fun hanging with the kids though

“It’s fun, it’s really fun. I love coming to the school and being able to give back. It’s exciting.”

McMahan said the mayor is always there when they have functions and he keeps close contact with the school.

“We just are so blessed that the community here is so supportive of our school.”

McMahan added: “We are very appreciative of Capitol City Family Health Center for all that they do for our school. They have a satellite clinic here on our site, so when we have someone with medical needs that need attending to during the school day they are able to go right next door and have the taken care of and they don’t lose time from school – checked out.”