Council awards contract for road project


Donaldsonville city council took a step forward last Tuesday with its unanimous vote to award the contract for the citywide road improvement project to R.J. Daigle and Sons, a Gonzales firm, which offered the lowest bid of $2.03 million.

Glenn Shaheen of GSA Consulting Engineers said the bids were received for the project on March 7 and included three bidders: RJ Daigle and Sons, Sullivan and Coastal Bridge.

Daigle, the lowest bidder, was awarded the contract with an exact bid of 2,039,990.00. Shaheen said the bid was very close to what was estimated - $2.1 million.

The bid was broken down into three components: a base bid, which includes road overlays and widening jobs for problem areas identified throughout the city, came in at $1.637 million, Shaheen said.

Alternate projects in the overall bid package included $376,390 for work on Rondino Lane and $26,400 for the addition of handicapped-accessible pedestrian ramps on the sidewalks on Railroad Avenue from Mississippi Street to the First and Last Chance Café.

The idea for the ramps came after discussions with Railroad Avenue business owners looking to better accommodate those with mobility issues who wish to take part in events such as the annual Avenue Evening Stroll, Shaheen said.

“It makes the street more pedestrian friendly when you’re doing those functions.”

Railroad Avenue also was mentioned concerning crew work times. The contractor has work at times that accommodates traffic flow and businesses.

“He’s got to give the businesses notice as to when he plans on shutting portions of the street down for work,” Shaheen said.

Nearly a year ago, the citizens of Donaldsonville voted to pass the half-cent sales tax so that it could be used to help with road projects. Their money will soon go to work.

Shaheen said there is a small process of document signings for both the contractor and Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan. But Shaheen said the date the mayor signs, the contractor has another 15 days to begin work.

“So it’s about 30 days.”

Not all the roads will be overlaid, some will have to be torn up and built from scratch.

Adding a couple streets to this project will not be a problem, but Shaheen advised to wait until the end of the project before trying to add.

“You never know what you are going to find when you start digging up doing road projects,” Shaheen said.

The other issue is on Rondino Lane and whether or not all of the right-of-way problems get solved. Shaheen acknowledged Rondino Lane is in the contract, but that money can be moved to something else.