The Mainstreet Boom

Salon J’adore owners/stylists, Apryl Falcon-Taylor (left) and Cathy Victor (middle), and stylist Chanda McBride-Williams stand in front of their newly opened salon on Railroad Avenue in Donaldsonville.

As of late the talks in Donaldsonville have all been about business increase currently and the future businesses to come, whether industrial or a mom and pop shop down Railroad Avenue. In the past two years alone, the Historic District has seen at least eight new businesses come to town and Missy Jandura, the Executive Director of the Donaldsonville Downtown Development District and Main Street Donaldsonville said it’s simply a wonderful impression of what can be done here.

“This really is how America is turning back into for entrepreneurs,” Jandura said. “Especially, that the Historic Mainstreet District in Donaldsonville is the place to come to start things, to grow things.”

According to Jandura, Donaldsonville has the market and she said you can see by the prevalence of national companies that are coming in, whether it’s the pizza places or the main stores that the marketing and the numbers prove that even national companies want to come here.

“If you come to historic Donaldsonville in the merchant corridor you’re going to have that,” she said, “plus you’ll have charm and much less overhead to even start your business or grow it.”

One of the latest businesses to open on Railroad Avenue caters to all types of styles of hair: men, women and children.

Salon J’adore, owned by Cathy Victor and Apryl Falcon-Taylor, opened to style hair and offer an opportunity for all cultures to come in and have their esteems improved that starts at the top.

Victor and Falcon-Taylor each have 10 plus years experience as a hair stylists said they’ve come back to the town that raised them to render a service well needed in the community.

“I’ve been traveling out of Donaldsonville to go work and it’s time for businesses to come here so the people can stay in town to get services,” Victor said.

“I’m glad that businesses are coming across the street in boutiques and different things that are opening now. I think it’s better for the community to be able to stay in their hometown to get things done instead of having to go to Gonzales and Baton Rouge.”

Salon J’adore, a French phrase meaning, “I adore you,” was built to give the community of Donaldsonville another reason to shop locally, and Falcon-Taylor said the services provided are what the salon value. Falcon-Taylor said when the name of the salon was designed to reflect the purpose of the business.

“We adore what we do and we adore our clients, so we named it Salon J’adore,” Falcon-Taylor said.

In adoring its customers the salon offers free amenities and refreshments to all customers because “without them we wouldn’t have the business.”

Falcon-Taylor owned a salon in Donaldsonville before, but admitted she wasn’t ready for that full responsibility then. But now, she has the right mindset.

“It’s time to build up where we are from and stop running from where we are from and giving other places money and bring it back here,” Falcon-Taylor said.

Falcon-Taylor and Victor have a third member of the styling team who specializes in short hair, Chanda McBride-Williams, who has about nine years of styling experience.

McBride-Williams had been fixing hair for quite a well and said she prefers doing the short hair because “I like to make them feel comfortable and feel like they have hair again.”

Salon J’adore, one of the many local shops in Donaldsonville, is open six days a week: Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome.

Jandura added: “If you have a choice between a national company and a local company, everyone should try to make the effort and have the responsibly to shop with their local business owners.”