The new City of Donaldsonville logo that was unveiled at last week’s council meeting by the LDRC.

The City of Donaldsonville along with the Louisiana Development Ready City Committee unveiled a new city logo after several months of planning, hard work and dedication to the project. The new logo is circular with the city’s name at the top and also the motto saying, “Respecting our past, and building our future.”

The logo depicts Donaldsonville’s past including Sugar Cane and the Courthouse Tower. There is a sun, which represents the city’s bright future on the horizon, and there is the chemical industry, which is a vital part of Donaldsonville’s future.

“First I want to thank the LDRC for its commitment and hard work,” Leroy Sullivan said, the Mayor of Donaldsonville. “Even the citizens who entered the contest to give us an idea concept of what we needed to put on the logo.”

During the latter part of 2012, the LDRC asked for local artists to submit work of what they thought would be a good representation of the city for a logo. There were several artists who submitted drawings of a Donaldsonville logo, but the LDRC learned it was a complex process to use the winning logo. However, the new logo was designed by Vic Burke and is expected to be the start of more to come in Donaldsonville.

“We just want to be able to show the people of this community that we are working not just by changing the logo, if we just change the logo and not the overall image of the city it’s all for nothing,” Mayor Sullivan said. “That’s just the first step in changing the whole image of having a cleaner city, a brighter city and that’s what we want to do with the logo.”

Mayor Sullivan said there is so much that’s getting ready to happen around the city of Donaldsonville that he thinks it is a golden opportunity for Donaldsonville to grow.

The LDRC was accepted for Donaldsonville in 2011 and the nine people on the committee are volunteers who are committed to see Donaldsonville reach its potential. LDRC president, Robyn Penn Delaney said the committee wanted to pull something in the logo about the city’s history, future and industry.

“We wanted to brand the city so that when people think about Donaldsonville they think about the past, present and future,” Delaney said.

Delaney said the LDRC realizes there is other work to be done but it wanted to start off with the logo and proceed to do other things with the city. She said they plan to help clean up the city and work with other groups to try and revitalize the downtown and other districts in the city. She said the LDRC wants to bring back “city pride to Donaldsonville.”

“We’ve been working together as a team and that’s very important,” Delaney said. “We appreciate the mayor and the council because everybody wants to do what’s best for Donaldsonville.”

Delaney said it was very important to get the ball rolling on the logo for the progress of the city because it wanted to show both the chemical and film industries that “we are enthusiastic about our town and we appreciate what we have.”

“If the people in the city aren’t going to be excited, nobody else is going to be.”

The LDRC has many other ideas it wants to do in the near future such as cleaning the city and some marketing for the city, but as far as the new logo goes expect to see it on official city vehicles, road projects, t-shirts and many more.

Sullivan added: “As the mayor and the council, we have to work hard in order to put the city in a position to capitalize on all economic growth as it is going on. And that’s why we are working on some other infrastructure needs in order to attract businesses and residents to the city of Donaldsonville.”