The life of champions

ACHS’ boys cross country team stand with Louisiana State Representatives John Berthelot and Ed Price at the State Capital last Thursday.

When you’re state champions you’ve already proved anything is possible and for the Ascension Catholic High boys cross country team and the Donaldsonville High girls track and field team that phrase took to a new level when they were guest of the Louisiana State Representatives and Senators last Thursday at the State Capital in Baton Rouge.

ACHS’ boys cross country team and DHS’s girls track and field team were the 2012-2013 state champions respectively and Ascension Parish state elected officials didn’t overlook their glory. Senator “Jody” Amedee, of District 18, Senator Troy Brown, District 2, Representative Ed Price, district 58, and Representative John Berthelot, District 88, all represent Ascension Parish at the state level and did not forget where they come from as they honored the state championship teams.

“This is a great time for these children and when the kids do positive things we need to make sure we recognize them for it,” Representative Price said. “Too many times when kids do terrible things their names go in the paper. This is the type of thing they should be in the paper for, all of the positive things they are doing. The academic goals the Donaldsonville High has reached, the things that Ascension Catholic is doing to help the community, I just feel good about having these kids here so they can be recognized by everybody in the state.”

Price said it makes them proud when they can have children up there and are able to say look this is what’s happening in “our area and Ascension Parish is doing great things, so I’m just so proud to have them here with us today.”

First year DHS track and field head coach Jimmy Joseph said it’s very important for the athletes to be honored for motivational purposes to the younger athletes to follow suit.

“They can tell their friends where they went and where they want to go and make sure they bring more people in so it’s beneficial,” Joseph said.

DHS won the title for the second time in three years after finished runners up last year. However with the title came opportunity for the senior athletes to continue their running careers at the collegiate level, something Joseph believes leaves a bigger mark then a visit at the State Capital.

“It was important that the older ones got signed so now the younger ones know what’s at stake and that it’s important for them to come to practice everyday and do better job in the classroom,” Joseph said.

The ACHS cross country team isn’t a stranger to finishing at least in the top-two at state meets and head coach Rocky Capello believes being recognized by state officials makes you hungry to want to do it again and “these kids were really excited to be here to be recognized by their state legislators.”

“For them to come and shake their hand made them feel special and the kids have already said they look forward to doing it again next year,” Capello said. “I think it’s really important to do stuff like this. I appreciate the public officials for wanting to recognize the kids.”

Price added, “Congratulations to both teams and the coaching staffs for making sure that positive things are going on in these kids lives.”