Delaney set to retire from appreciate service

Back row left to right: Daisy Eames, Evelyn Zeringue, and Roby Delaney, owner of Nails and More. 
Front row: Lillie Hall, Laura Schexnayder, Cesaire Chaumont and Rose Malarcher (not pictured)

There is no age limited on getting pretty and pampered. Just ask Robyn Delaney who has several customers over the age of 90 who come to get manicures and pedicures at her Nails and More shop. Throughout the last decade, Delaney has been servicing Daisy R. Eames, 95, Cesaire Chaumont, 96, Lillie Hall, 93, Evelyn Zeringue, 91, Laura Schexnayder, 97, and Rose Malarcher, 95. All who say Delaney is the best in the business.

“She’s the best,” Eames said. “I get in the whirlpool with my feet and they feel like new when I get home. She’s so good.”

Eames said she likes for her feet to feel good so she can wear her shoes, and Robyn takes care of that.

Unfortunately, Delaney will be retiring on December 23, 2013 after 37 and a half years of work. Out of those 37 years, Delaney was self-employed for 20 years, including eight years as the Owner and Administrator of Sunshine Home Health Care, Inc. and twelve as Owner and Operator of Nails and More, Inc. That makes about ninety six percent of the 37 years she worked in business management.

With her retirement nearing, Delaney will be missed by her faithful customers. Whether it’s just to get out of the house or to get pretty for church, Delaney’s services are well needed and appreciated.

Zeringue said she hates to see her retire.

“When you get to a certain age you can’t bend down to take care of those things and so you need a little bit of help,” Zeringue said.

Schexnayder, the eldest of the group said she’s been going to get manicures and pedicures from Delaney for so long she can’t remember. She said they’ve bonded in that time.

“We talk a lot, so it’s really nice to come here,” Schexnayder said. “It’s more like we are friends than anything else.”

For Delaney, she said it brings her joy to be a to provide a service to them.

“It’s like when Jesus did his disciples feet, it was a service he did and it’s a service I want to provided,” Delaney said. “So I just want to encourage them to take care of their feet because I know if your hands or feet hurt then everything else may hurt.”

Delaney said she appreciates her customers’ dedication and the opportunities of sharing time with them “to get a lot of tips from them because they have been an inspiration to me.”

“I learn a lot from them when I’m sitting down providing their service,” Delaney said. “I appreciate them coming out just to spend time with me.”

With the time winding down on Delaney’s career, she said she’d miss the visitation with her customers and just being able to sit down and talk.

“We share stories about our families, the community, and solving the world issues together,” Delaney said. I’ll miss the opportunity to share that with them.”

Delaney added, “I just thank everybody for their support and especially these ladies and their families and all the rest of my customers. It’s been a joy and pleasure.”