Clean up, everybody everywhere

Donaldsonville City Councilman Lauthaught Delaney, Sr. and volunteer Robyn Penn Delaney work to clean the flower garden at the City Hall.

Every couple of months, the City of Donaldsonville and various volunteer groups come together to clean up their community. Last weekend, the mayor, city council, girl scouts, and the Mainstreet Downtown Development District all grouped together to clean the Historic Merchant corridor in town.

The efforts was brought forth and led by DDD members Tammy Dale and Stanford Knockum who organized the event after delaying it due to the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries filming in May. The efforts were made possible by a Keep Louisiana Beautiful grant where they received $6,000, which helped them to buy a new pressure washer. It was put to use early at the River Road African American Museum’s Jazz Plaza. Other than picking up trash along the roads, the groups also planted fresh flowers in the garden at the City Hall, all made possible through the grant.

“It’s about the neighbors, the girl scouts, the councilmen and the city working together to keep our city clean,” Missy Jandura said, DDD executive director.