Paving the Way


The Donaldsonville City road improvement project isn’t only making it safer for cars to travel the streets in town, but also easier and safer for the pedestrians. The project has included major reconstructions to the sidewalks that to some were a “no-brainer” to be part of the project plans.

Many citizens had been having difficulty crossing the street in the mobile wheelchairs, wheelchairs in general, and for those who walk along often stumble on the damaged sidewalks.

Donaldsonville resident Dave Dubreuil is one who helped to ensure the sidewalk improvements were part of the road project for the city. Dubreuil said he doesn’t want to take any credit for being the one to get it done, but that it was an idea that is obvious and he said he’s sure he’s not the only who spoke up about it.

“If you look out there the streets were uneven where you stepped off the sidewalks,” Dubreuil said. “The construction is going to be a benefit to the tourists who come to visit our community as well as the citizens here.”

The sidewalks aren’t just being resurfaced, but they are also being equipped with proper handicap accessibility. Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan said Dubreuil brought that up in a presentation that was given at a Rotary Club Luncheon. Dubreuil’s comments were not forgotten.

“They’re making the sidewalks handicap accessible and easier for people walking,” Sullivan said, “instead of having to trip on the big curb.”

As far as the rest of the road project, everything is moving along smoothly with some roads already being completed. Sullivan said he’s received some really good feedback on those.

The mayor is also looking into getting Railroad Avenue completed by the start of the Annual Avenue Evening Stroll in the late Fall. He said by the end of July there should “lots of improvements as far as sidewalks and roads done.”

“We just ask for the people to be patient, we understand it’s somewhat an inconvenience right now but I think the finished product will be something we can be proud of and pleased with,” Sullivan said.