Self-taught art: vision to expression

Pointillist artist Ruth Williams explains some of her butterfly pieces at the Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville last Thursday.

Pointillist artist Ruth Williams was featured at the Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville last Thursday, displaying her thousands of dashes of vibrant brush strokes that form hearts, flowers and angels. The objective of her art is simple: to spread joy and light into the universe.

Williams, a Plaquemine native, is a self-taught painter and she said what that means is “I struggle.”

“What I struggle to do more than anything is to give you some idea of what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling,” Williams said.

Outside of painting, Williams learned she has a real knack for developing and producing talent, whether it’s her’s or someone else’s. Some of her most recent work was volunteering to host talent nights at Cypress Café in Donaldsonville. She said she found two dancers who “I thought were the greatest dancers I’ve ever seen.”

She brought them with her to perform at the Library, the dancers are called Dynamic Force – a boy and girl teen duo from Plaquemine High School.

“We all have some type of art skill in us that we can express,” Williams said. “Art is very subjective, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are able to express yourself to the best of your abilities and bring that light and share it with other people.”

Williams also has a book entitled “Peter and the Spindle Whale” that has yet to be published. She read some excerpts from the book and explained her reasoning for writing it and the book’s significance to society.