Donaldsonville receives more improvements to its highways

An image of the street light installed along highway 3089 in Donaldsonville.

The Parish of Ascension and the State of Louisiana combined efforts to install streetlights along highway 3089 coming West into Donaldsonville.

The project has been in the making for several years, being pushed by District 2 Councilman Kent Schexnaydre and West Side Coordinator George Rodeillat.

The state is installing the lights, and the parish is responsible for the engineering, which was about $45,000, according to Rodeillat. Once they are installed the parish will maintain the lights and pay for the electricity.

There will be 14 lights installed and will meet up the existing lights.

“It’s always been dark, we’ve had questions about this road since I can remember,” Rodeillat said.

With this project and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development finishing the repavement of Hwy. 3089, and the City of Donaldsonville’s own road improvements, parish president Tommy Martinez said he’s glad to see the progression being done in Donaldsonville.

“We’re glad to see more things being done in Donaldsonville,” Martinez said. “This project, just as the others that are going on, was well-needed here and it will make driving much safer for the people here.”

Rodeillat said the estimated time of completion for the streetlights is by the end of August and “it ought to be lit up and look real nice.”