Eat fresh in Donaldsonville


Residents in Donaldsonville can now take a step closer to eating fresh and living healthy as a new Subway restaurant has officially opened with a grand opening celebration on Friday.

Owner and manager Kenny Andrus and his wife Cindy, of Plaquemine, brought Subway to Thibaut Drive right next to the Anytime Fitness. Andrus said he's been part of customer service all of his life and he hopes to bring excellent service to Donaldsonville.

"We always want to guarantee great customer service," Andrus said. "We're going to offer a great, product, at a great price and backed by excellent service."

Andrus said he also is looking to have a positive impact on the community and be involved with it.

"We plan to support local events, the school system and anything the community has needs for," Andrus said.

With the opening of his new business, Andrus also joined the Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce and he said with his recent membership it still has been great being part of it.

"They are very supportive and I received a lot of good information about the community and I have a better understanding of where Donaldsonville is headed, which is good," Andrus said.

Andrus, along with Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Chamber Executive Director Becky Katz, and Chamber President Allison Hudson held scissors in the ribbon cutting to commemorate the restaurant's official opening.

"We thank this lovely couple for coming to our community and helping our economy and besides that, just bringing good food," Katz said at the grand opening.

Mayor Sullivan said he used to drive to the Subway located at the foot of the Sunshine Bridge all the time for lunch, so having one here in Donaldsonville is "nice and convenient."

"The hospitality is wonderful, the food is good and I'm just appreciative that they have taken the opportunity to consider opening business in Donaldsonville," Mayor Sullivan said.

Mayor Sullivan said people always asked why we don't have a Subway and some years ago, he said, it was said that it was "too close to have one at the foot of the Sunshine Bridge and to have one here."

"I don't know if they changed their guidelines but I'm just happy that it's here," Mayor Sullivan said. "I come here a lot for lunch and it's always packed."

Hudson, Chamber President, thanked the Andrus' for bringing business to Donaldsonville, but also for being part of the Chamber of Commerce. She said it tries to make a difference in this community.

"I hope everybody comes out and supports this, everybody is on the healthy eating and healthy living, this is a good start," Hudson said.

"It's also next to one of our other Chamber members, Anytime Fitness, this is really great," Hudson said. "When you go to most cities, there is always a Subway and a gym and so now we can bring that to Donaldsonville and hopefully the residents will take advantage of it."

Hudson also mentioned the Chamber conversing with business owners about bringing a Smoothie King to Donaldsonville and said they are working on that deal.

"We're just trying to bring Donaldsonville up," Hudson said, "we have this new branding of the city so we want to continue that all across the board with the Chamber, Downtown Development. Hopefully we'll have some more healthy options soon."

Mayor Sullivan added: "Just the idea that we have another business in Donaldsonville shows we are headed in the right direction. Come out and support Subway and all the other local businesses because that is the only way Donaldsonville will continue to thrive. We have to support one another."