LDRC to unveil new website for City of Donaldsonville


The Donaldsonville Louisiana Development Ready City committee is set to unveil a new website for the city.

The LDRC has been pushing for the past few years to rebrand the city and a new official website is just another phase of the rebranding since coming out with a new logo for Donaldsonville in 2013.

LDRC committee member Robyn Penn Delaney said the goal of the website is to provide a one stop shop to the residents and businesses of Donaldsonville that is easily accessible and user friendly.  If anyone needs information about Donaldsonville they can find which agency or department to contact. Future plans include the ability to make online payments to City Hall for utilities and download forms such as building permits and utility applications.  If the website is missing anything there is a back end survey where users can post comments.

Louisiana Economic Development started the LDRC program in 2009 to encourage and support “selected Louisiana communities to become development ready, competitive, and ‘open for business’,” according to its website.  Donaldsonville applied to the program in 2011 and was accepted.

“We need to let everybody know we are open for business and also let businesses know that,” Delaney said. “We tried to find the best way to do that and we decided the website was that avenue.”

The LDRC Committee consists of several people working over 2 and a half years as volunteers to rebrand and move the city progressively forward.  The committee members are Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Robyn Penn Delaney, Glenda Shaheen, Sandra Cost Williams, Yolanda Brown, Brent Landry, Allison Hudson, Carl Capone and Tammy Dale.

It is also currently working on several beautification projects including cleaning the bayou, landscaping the entrances to the city, adding more billboards throughout town, and promoting the new levee park.

 “We realized we have a jewel here and we needed to make some changes,” Delaney said. “We are open for business, moving in a positive direction and looking for people to help us grow economically.”

The new website will be launched at the end of February.

In addition to the new website the City of Donaldsonville has a Facebook, and Twitter page, @CityofDville.