Rantz defines TOB to Rotary Club

Rotarian Troy LeBoeuf hosted Ronnie Rantz at the club’s weekly luncheon last week.

Former LSU baseball pitcher Ronnie Rantz and CEO of Jumbo Sports Network spoke to the Donaldsonville Rotary Club at its weekly luncheon at Café Lafourche last Thursday. His message was simple: be accountable.

Rotarian Troy LeBoeuf hosted Rantz who shared with the club memories playing under former LSU baseball coach Skip Bertman and told how he got the nickname “Jumbo.”

Rantz said it came from Bertman during his freshman year at LSU when he needed larger practice pants, drawing laughter from the Rotarians.

Rantz was one of the few players who played during Bertman’s first two National Championship teams who didn’t play in the major leauges, however Rantz said Bertman gave him something better to carry in life – accountability.

“He treated you like a man. He said this is what I expect. This is what I need you to do and if you can’t get it done then you’re out,” Rantz said about Bertman.

“That worked for some people, not for others.”

He told the club Bertman would always say the nation’s pastime is not baseball and apple pie like everybody thinks; it’s “TOB.”

“Transferal of blame,” Rantz said, defining the acronym Bertman often used. “Everybody always blamed someone else for everything.”

“He would pound that message home over and over and it’s true,” Rantz said. “And it’s really why LSU baseball was so successful under Coach Bertman. You had to be accountable for everything.”