Teen Book Club at the Library


Whether you’re a fan of Lauren Oliver, Scott Westerfeld, Suzanne Collins, James Patterson, or one of the other zillion authors in the world. . . if you like to read, and if you like to talk about the books that you read, then you should check out Ascension Parish Library’s Teen Book Club.  You’re not required to read a specific title; just come and discuss the book that’s sitting on the floor by your bed.  There’s a good chance that someone else in the club has read it and wants to talk about it too. 

The Teen Book Club is held on the third Thursday of every month.  Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, March 20, at 5:30 p.m. in Galvez. This program is open to all teens 6th grade and above. For further information, call Ascension Parish Library in Galvez at 622-3339.