Do the right thing

Staff Report @dvillechief
Donaldsonville City councilman Rev. Charles Brown, Sr. spoke to the DHS JROTC cadets at the 12th annual Military Ball at Palazzo Bernardo’s Saturday.

The Donaldsonville JROTC cadets hosted their 12th annual Military Ball at Palazzo Bernardo's Saturday. Donaldsonville City Councilman Charles Brown, Sr. spoke to the cadets and those in attendance, encouraging all to just “do the right thing.”

Brown, who is also the pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Donaldsonville, and works for Ascension Parish, reminded the group character counts.,

“Our attitude determines our altitude,” Brown said. “I encourage u to do the right, whether u like it or not it will affect someone or something either bad or good.”

Brown said his goal and motto has and is to do the right thing in life, whether its in his position working for the parish, serving as a councilman, being a husband and father, or as pastor.

Brown referenced a scripture from the Bible in his talk and encouraged the cadets to read Hebrews 13:7. He said there are three “R’s” they should keep in mind.

He said: “Remember we were not born leaders, but born to lead. Real leaders to others how to lead; being in JROTC teaches you to become good leaders, but you must first be good followers.” Brown also said to “Regard.”

“Regard means observe the leader,” Brown said, “take note of how they're living.”

Lastly Brown encouraged the cadets to “Resemble” their leaders.

“Follow them, do exactly what they are doing,” Brown said. “As leaders know people are watching and be a good example”

“If everybody in school decides to do the right thing, our school would be better,” Brown said.

Brown added in closing, “To do right thing one must have courage. Courage is doing the right thing when everybody else is doing the wrong thing.”

Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Sr. also attended the Ball and served as a featured guest.