DHS’ band shows off at Spring Musical

DHS band student Lawrence Brown, III directs a piece he arranged for the Spring Musical on April 29.

The Donaldsonville High School Concert Band hosted its Spring Musical Concert on April 29, where it showed off several musical selections, including an arrangement by Lawrence Brown, III.

Brown, also directing, arranged a musical piece for his band mates from the song, “Nothing Left to Say.” Band Director Marc Ward said he put Brown on the spot to get prepared about two months prior.

“I told him what I was looking for, he picked a piece, arranged it and taught it,” Ward said, before Brown’s arrangement was played.

Ward also arranged a piece of his own entitled, “Don’t Change,” by Musiq Soulchild. Ward dedicated the piece to his fiancé who he would wed in less than 60 days.

At the conclusion, Ward thanked the parents for being “constantly involved in the program and making sure the students are well-supported.”

“Without you, we wouldn’t be here,” Ward said to the parents in the audience.

DHS principal Marvin Evans said the program was outstanding and without a doubt in the four years he’s been at DHS is one of the most accomplished. Evans said one goal he set for DHS is limiting teacher turnover so the students could be more successful.

“One way to do that is finding individuals of high character, who sincerely care about our kids and they’re going to work hard to make sure the students reach their fullest potential,” Evans said, “I can say without a doubt without putting any extra pressure on Mr. Ward.”

Evans also praised the students and said they are held to high expectations in order to be members of the DHS band.

“The students in the band know in order to play for Mr. Ward they have to do three things: one come to practice, maintain there grades and behave in the classrooms,” Evans said. “(Ward) sets those high expectations which makes my job as a principal, and the job of our teachers that much easier.”

“When they walk the halls here they represent us as leaders,” Evans said.