Mission begins

Dr. Danna Andrus and wife show the men at the seminar what a married couple should represent.

In order to strengthen the masses, there must be a strong core. On Saturday, the Ascension Parish School Board Parent Resource Facilitators Kathy Edmonston and Wanda August teamed up with “concerned grandmothers” to host a “Men on a Mission” seminar. It was to help improve the male identity in Donaldsonville.

“I thought it was just awesome. I really did,” Edmonston said, after the seminar. “The men in the session I was in seemed to have really enjoyed it.”

The seminar was broken into classrooms with different subjects, including: “Building Healthy Relationships,” “A Focus on Vision, Purpose and Emotions,” “Confident Parenting Strategies,” and “Prioritizing and Managing Your Finances.”

To conclude the evening, Dr. Danna Andrus “pulled it all together” with a talk on growing from “Boys to Men.”

Andrus told the men how to be a better father figure for their children.

“Girls learn through communication, for those teenage girls you have to be there to talk to them,” Dr. Andrus said. “You have to be there to listen to them because if you don’t be there somebody else will be there and it will be at a critical cost.”

“Boys learn through association,” he said, “Always remember with boys you don’t have to say nothing to them, just say boy watch me, follow me, and do as I do.”

“For a boy to be a man, he has to see a man,” Dr. Andrus said. “He can’t be what he can’t see.”

There were a lot of representative figures that attended the seminar with pastors, councilmen, state representative Ed. Price, and school board members.

Edmonston said she thought it was very well attended.

“I know we’ll do it again, I’d just like to see the people, the public come out and be able to learn from today’s conference,” she said.

Edmonston also helped coordinate a “Grandparents raising Grandchildren” program in Donaldsonville. She said it seemed to me there were a lot of grandparents raising their grandchildren, “which is very difficult.”

“They are older to be put in that position and second of all financially it’s very difficult,” Edmonston said. “The curriculum now is very hard for grandparents to help them.”

The group meets at the Ascension Counseling Center the third Wednesday of every month at 10:30 a.m. and serves a meal.

One of our grandparents asked when Dr. Andrus was here the mayor if we could have a conference to have him here and that’s how this whole thing was birthed.

Going to try to make it annual. I’m looking forward to maybe doubling it next year.