PCS to bring mental health facility to Donaldsonville


Primary Care Solutions Inc., of Baton Rouge has been expanding its work to the Greater Baton Rouge Area and has found a site in Donaldsonville at 201 Lessard St. Site Director Tammy Cooper said the office is just a few months away from opening and comes to just let people know that just because “you have mental health issues, doesn’t mean you’re crazy.”

“When people think about mental health issues, they automatically think you’re crazy,” Cooper said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that.”

Cooper said if a person has constant worries, stressing out a lot, crying easily and don’t really go out socially, “if you let that go untreated it will only get worse.”

“The services we provide teach people how to rehabilitate themselves mentally,” Cooper said. “We give them the skills and teach them how to use those skills so they can function day to day.”

Primary Care Solutions works with kids and adults. According to its website, Primary Care Solutions believes that when supported, “everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.”

“We build success through teamwork; one person, one family, one plan at a time. Each person is unique. Our priority is teaching people the skills they need to manage their mental health challenges so that they can thrive in their own way,” according to the website.

Cooper said PCS provides medication management for students who can’t focus no matter how hard they try, but it also provides counseling “to help that person understand what’s going on.”

“A lot of people don’t think they have problems because of the stigma of mental health,” Cooper said. “A lot of people shun it and shy away from it because they don’t want people to know about it.”

However, Cooper said it’s time for people to accept it and normalize it, like someone who is diagnosed with diabetes.

Upon the Donaldsonville location opening, Cooper said PCS is available now to provide service. Cooper said there is need for the services in Donaldsonville and the demand is there, “the supply isn’t.”