Library’s summer reading program winners

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
Charles Nizzo

As part of the library’s annual youth summer reading program, children who read during the summer are eligible to win a T-shirt if they read more than 200 minutes.  Each week a T-shirt is awarded to a Read-to-Me and Youth Club member.  This week, the Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville has awarded T-shirts to the following readers. 

Read-to-Me T-shirt Recipients:  Charles Nizzo

Youth T-shirt Recipients: Kameran Wendt

Congratulations to all of our T-shirt winners!  For more information about summer reading program events, contact Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales at 647-3955, in Galvez at 622-3339, in Donaldsonville at 473-8052, or in Dutchtown at 673-8699.