Call answered

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
Answering the Call Rally meets up with City Under Siege Revival on the corner of 4th and St. Vincent Street in Donaldsonville for a prayer conducted by Donaldsonville High Asst. Principal Daryl Comery.

Prayer changes things, and the City of Donaldsonville believes firmly in improving itself. On Saturday, a local citizen’s group known as “Answering the Call” went into the streets and praised and worshipped, with hopes of revitalizing, restoring and rejuvenating the strong positive culture Donaldsonville has.

The “Answering the Call” group was recently formed as a volunteering committee to discuss, promote and apply positive change in the City of Donaldsonville. The committee saw a need for a better Donaldsonville, and is formed to make a difference led by the Word of God.

The praise and worship rally was the first of more to come. For more information on what’s coming next or how to join the “Answering the Call” group call 225-803-4042.