City recognized by LMA

Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan and Councilmen Lauthaught Delaney and Reginald Francis were in attendance to accept the award.

The City of Donaldsonville won an award for honorable mention from the Louisiana Municipal Association (LMA) in the economic development category for the new city website and logo design. The category was for a town or city with a population of 3001 to 10,000 citizens. This also was the first time the city has won an award at the LMA convention.

The city received the honor at the LMA Convention in Baton Rouge Saturday, August 2 for outstanding community improvement in economic development during 2013.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan and councilmen Lauthaught Delaney and Reginald Francis accepted the award.  Sullivan said it was exciting and good that people recognize the thing the city is doing. Sullivan said when the city was announced for the award he gave it to Penn Delaney and Donaldsonville’s Louisiana Development Ready City Committee.

“It’s not about me or the mayor winning, it’s about the City of Donaldsonville,” Sullivan said. “It was all of us working together.”

Sullivan believes Donaldsonville is headed in the right direction and is on the “edge of bursting into a lot of good things.

“I’m very appreciative to the people who volunteer and want to do positive things for Donaldsonville,” Sullivan said, who remembers going to the LMA convention watching other cities win awards.

Delaney said she’s proud of the work the committee has done thus far, and it looks forward to doing more for the City of Donaldsonville.

“We are happy that our efforts are being recognized and it’s good for the City of Donaldsonville,” Delaney said. “We are a group of volunteers and we are just glad our work is not in vain.”

Sullivan added, “I’m grateful to LDRC. They have worked very hard and should get a lot of recognition for things they have done.”