Senator Brown meets with Ochsner officials to discuss Chabert developments since partnership

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

NAPOLEONVILLE - Senator Troy Brown met with Oschner Health System Officials last month to discuss the organization's advancements after assuming day-to-day management of the Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center.  The partnership was created under a management agreement between Ochsner, the Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center, and Terrebonne General Medical Center.

During the meeting, Ochsner officials cited specific improvements in the healthcare system at Chabert, including significant increases in clinic visits, mammograms, and colonoscopies. Chabert also saw approximately 1000 new unique patients and performed 1500 additional procedures.  In addition, officials say that the full implementation of Epic, an electronic medical record system, has been completed.

Although the improvements are indeed necessary and notable, Ochsner officials also noted that 50 percent of the services provided at Chabert are to patents that are deemed financially indigent.  Uncompensated care is paid for by the State, which receives its funding from the Federal Government.

Senator Brown expressed concern that Louisiana's continued non-participation in the Affordable Care Act leaves more financial burden on the State for these funds.  "It is my continued effort to promote and motivate our state government to support full participation in the Affordable Care Act.  Full participation will alleviate the current and pending increase in spending that we are dealing with due to continued decreases in uncompensated care payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services."

Financial concerns notwithstanding, Senator Brown considers the strides in healthcare made by Ochsner to be commendable and of great value to the state. "I applaud the efforts of Ochsner Health System, not only with the takeover of Chabert, but for becoming a leader in healthcare innovation throughout the state of Louisiana and the country."