Zen-Noh Grain donates to Lowery Elementary

Melvin Fenroy, Bryan Colclough, and Eric Slater of Zen-Noh Grain presents check to Lowery Elementary School Principal Dawn Love, Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Chazz Watson, Mark Bell, and Kimberly Ammons of LoES.

Zen-Noh Grain presented a monetary donation to Lowery Elementary on Aug. 5. Eric Slater, General Manager for Zen-Noh Grain, said it’s very important to the corporation to support the local community.

“We want them to be a part of the community,” Slater said. “We have a lot of employees who live in Donaldsonville and it’s important for us to help this community.”

Love, the faculty of LoES and students will benefit greatly from the donation. Love said it means a lot that others care just as “much as we do about the community we serve.”

“It’s just exciting that people would take the time to come out and help,” Love said.

She said some of the students who worry about what they’re going to wear will have something to look forward to.

Even now with their direct support of the school, Zen-Noh Grain knows it won’t see all the good it actually does for the students.

“It’s the intangibles that we won’t see,” Bryan Colcough, of Zen-Noh Grain, said “If the kids are less focused on what’s on their back they’d be more active and receptive to the education they are getting.”

Melvin Fenroy, of Zen-Noh Grain, added: “It’s exciting to be part of this and it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside because you are doing something positive. Our kids are the future and we have to make sure we’re giving them direction and supplying them with their needs.”

Love added, “We’re excited that someone would take the time to invest in our kids and be passionate about it as much as we are.”