Donaldsonville High teachers awarded six Ascension Fund grants

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
from left: Sonny Graugnard (Ascension Fund board member), Kyte Aymond, Marc Ward, Michelle Krieger, Mary Sanchez, Leia Scott, Robyn Penn Delaney (Ascension Fund board member) and Angela Amedee.

The Ascension Fund awarded six Donaldsonville High School teachers with grants earlier this month.

The following Teacher Grants were awarded in the amount of either $500 or $1,000 per grant:

Kyte Aymond for his “Real Life, Still Life.” The main purpose of this grant is to purchase art supplies and books that help engage students in critical thinking through in depth research of past and present artists.  This research will lead to presentations, projects, and even interaction with artists. 

Angela Amedee for Industry Based Certifications. This grant will help increase the number of Industry Based certifications at Donaldsonville High School in ProStart and ServeSafe, two culinary-based programs there.

Mary Sanchez and Darlene Ourso for The TASK Force. This grant will be used to create a peer buddy program used to aid students with special needs in English/Language Arts and social skills development.

Michelle Krieger and Ashton Viola for Foreign Language Literacy. This grant will be used to purchase Spanish-language books and their accompanying resources in order to develop students’ reading comprehension skills and overall Spanish fluency.

Marc Ward for Smart Music. This purpose of this grant is to purchase software which introduces an innovative way of learning music through technology which allows students to learn music at their own pace and receive immediate feedback based on assessment results.

The Ascension Fund also awarded a School-Wide Grant of $2,500 to Nikeya Walker, Michele MacCloud, Stephanie Nathaniel, and Kyte Aymond for Revolutionary Readers with Rewards. This grant aims to get students reading daily and reward them in their efforts in hopes to increase scores in all content areas and make reading an activity they can enjoy.