Donaldsonville Primary School Teacher awarded Ascension Fund Grant

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
Donaldsonville Primary teacher Sandi Bourque proudly accepts her Ascension Fund Grant. Pictured from left are principal Mary McMahan, assistant principal Tennille Lange, Bourque and grant board member Robyn Delaney.

Donaldsonville Primary’s Mrs. Sandi Bourque was awarded a 2014-2015 Ascension Fund Grant in the amount of $1000. The Ascension Fund’s Grant program provides funding for projects that promote academic excellence in Ascension Parish public schools. Mrs. Bourque will utilize funding from this grant to provide her kids with the “Real Deal.”   Her students will be provided many opportunities to use non-fiction books to learn about real things in our every day life.  She hopes to make them more confident readers in order to succeed in all that they do and want to do in life. Donaldsonville Primary would like to thank Lion Copolymer Endowment Grant for funding for this grant.  Congratulations Mrs. Bourque and students.